$1 oysters, oh my!


(Mermaid Oyster Bar, a dozen oysters)

This summer, a conversation with a friend sparked a sudden craving for oysters! So I went hunting for oyster bars, discovering that many places actually offered them for $1 during happy hour ($1 doesn’t mean the quality is less. Some oysters are just cheaper in value.) With the help of YELP, I found 3 places that had classy service, a great atmosphere, and of course, clean and fresh oysters:  Mermaid Oyster Bar, Lure Fishbarand Cull & Pistol. Mermaid and Lure both only give one choice of oysters for happy hour while Cull & Pistol, located in Chelsea Market, offers a variety to choose from (briny, plump, sweet, creamy, etc.). I highly recommend all 3!


The decor at the Mermaid Oyster Bar was very classy yet casual. It was pumping with energy at the bar but more specifically because Monday nights means happy hour all night (seriously… eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow!) They take their mermaid theme very seriously!


The service was phenomenal! With the bill came this delicious chocolate pudding and a fun Fortune Teller Miracle Fish that brought me back to my elementary school days.  Are you “fickle” or “in love?”  Find out by putting it on your hand and see the direction the fish goes! 🙂

If you love oysters, this is a must! But try to make reservations at any of these 3 places in advance – it does get packed (especially Mondays at Mermaid!)

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