NY Cake’s Grand Opening

HelloOo everybody!  Happy Thursday!  As I have gone through 3 months of transitions in all parts of my life, I decided it was time to blog again. Besides transitions and lack of time, I realize that I stopped myself from writing because of a creative block and that I forgot it isn’t about the perfect posts or the perfect photos.  It’s the little things that matter sometimes, right?  I became so worried about making sure my entries were perfect for all of you and my photos looked good enough to post that I left the site hanging.  Then I get questioned, “LILIAN!! What happpppened to your blog?!”  I don’t know!  It just… stopped.  But I’m starting to find my knack for writing again, so shoot me an email or message if I disappear again! After moving to first grade at work too, I hope to be able to share what the little ones have been up to!

On a more SUPER exciting note, the grand opening of NY Cake was today!  Earlier this year, this incredibly famous shop closed. Now it moved to a much larger, doubled-in-size space a block away (conveniently near Michaels and Trader Joe’s, my favs!). If you don’t know, it is the go-to for all baking and decorating supplies – sprinkles, cookie cutters, candles, oven mitts, etc.  They even create their own retail products (did someone say SPARKLY cake stands??). Located on 118 West 22nd Street, the new 5,700 square foot space now includes a cafe and a see-through kitchen area where you can take classes to learn to decorate, bake, and make.  It’s truly heaven for bakers and decorators!  Since mom’s birthday is coming up, I decided to shop around for some products to create my first cake for her. Thanks to the help of Emma (Hi Emma!), I was able to get everything I needed and get some awesome tips from her.  Here’s a peek at what you’ll find at the new shop!

Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, helpful staff members like Emma! I had a super fun time chatting with her

sweet treats at their first on-site cafe 

a kitchen and class space that fits 20-35 students 

staff getting ready for their grand opening private event 

an entire back wall of cookie cutters – if they don’t have it here, it doesn’t exist!

aisles of supplies sorted by colors, themes, and types of materials 

Just walking inside and buying what I need got me so excited to free up 3 hours this weekend to get my cake ready. Can’t wait to show you! (if it succeeds!)
As always, thanks for reading (and sticking around!)  xoxo, Lil

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