Cakes Galore and a Sweet Birthday Song

A belated birthday to mom!  I told you guys I had this goal of creating a cake with decorations on my own for my mom’s birthday since I felt inspired or even inclined to do so after my visit to NY Cake.  I also wanted to put my lovely decorating class experience from Baked to use, so this was a good opportunity to do so.  I must admit, it took me quite a few hours to figure things out especially when I was aiming for a 3 layer cake with only 1 cake pan! Now that I’ve done it, I am happy to invest in 2 more pans for my sanity sake.  Although not quite what I was aiming for, the family loved it nonetheless and everyone ate it (Translation:  it was edible, hoooorahhhh!).  More importantly though, mom liked it and didn’t find it too sweet. Here was the final piece!

With more practice, hopefully, I’ll be able to successfully make a beautiful cake.  Maybe eventually even challenge myself to create this incredibly gorgeous baked bouquet!  (Reaching high, Lilian… reaching high.)

Baked Bouquet on NBC

New York Live with Ashley Bellman came by the Flakery! Check us out on NBC.

Posted by Baked Bouquet on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

As always, thanks for reading.  Here’s a sweet viral birthday video that will really put a smile to your face!  xoxo, Lil

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