2 and counting…!

When people hear “May 4th,” they think of Star Wars right away!


There’s even an entire page from CNN today dedicated to what you can do on this day of the year. Click here to read!

But in my household, it’s a different kind of force.

Sharing our special day (and slightly cheesy puns) with everyone-
It’s our 2 year anniversary. Whoo-hoo! 😀  A special thank you to my husband for always supporting me, for making me laugh, for pushing me to do almost everything I dream of doing and learning (and that includes Australiaaaaaa!), and cooking me the most deeelicious foods. Aren’t you so proud of me for making my own meme? 🙂 I can’t wait to celebrate our 3rd, our 4th, our 50th, and alllllll the way till we both get white hair, fake teeth, and personalized canes.
Happy anniversary! <3

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