“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

It seems like nowadays, everyone wants to get out there and do something unique. They want to start their own nonprofit, design a clothing line, open up their own school, start a YouTube channel, create and sell on Etsy, etc.  The best part is, there’s no limitations – if you have the motivation, the drive… then you can really do anything you set your mind to!

This is perhaps, one of the most inspiring quotes I can share with you if you’re one of those people.

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It’s hard, or rather impossible, to deny that our generation revolves around technology and social media. So rather than argue and complain, do something about it for yourself. Once in a while, just put that phone down and look up.

A truly remarkable spoken word by Gary Turk has already hit 37 million views. It’ll change your habit for a period of time, and when you find yourself lost in social media again, come back and watch it, because I guarantee… it’ll have an impact on you.

And yet, to those who could never drop everything but rather embrace the virtues of social media, here’s a parody for you!

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How far would you travel to deliver a message or gift to your mom? This adventurous video brings you on a journey through the lens of a man who travels to India to deliver a special gift to his mom. Those last few seconds just may leave you tearing.

This Mother’s Day, I have the joy of spending the weekend with my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, the newest momma in the family! Even better, I get to share the love with my hubby and my brother who came all the way from San Francisco to be here this weekend. YAY!! Though traveling can be quite tiresome at times, it’s worth it once we get there and see our moms smile! I just want them to relax and enjoy themselves… What, mom? You want sushi and a trip to Dean Deluca? We sure can! Just sit back, relax, and be spoiled by everyone who loves you. 🙂

Mothers, you sure work hard at what you do, and just like this video speaks, you have the toughest yet most rewarding job in the world. You deserve to be pampered on this day and every other day. So to all the beautiful moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Let’s Celebrate!

It’s National Teacher’s Appreciation Week and National Nurse Appreciation Week! Both jobs really require nurture, love, and patience. To all the nurses and teachers out there, I hope you know that you are deeply appreciated. Thank you for all that you do!

I was extremely excited when I found out one of my greatest friends has been featured in the newspaper ads for Nurse Week. She is truly one of the most caring and generous people I know and her love for her patients is only a small piece of her huge heart. I’m so proud of you, Irene! Thank you for being one of my inspirations with your creativity, your care, and your determination.

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Oh yes, the adventure started as soon as this picture was taken.

Today marks one year since I married my husband. In the past year, I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you for being there in every way, for encouraging me to finally start this blog, for motivating me to do all that I want to achieve, for teaching me so many things & teaching me to worry less, for listening, for making the ordinary out of the ordinary, and for making me smile endlessly.

Thank you for inspiring me. <3 
Happy 1 year anniversary!  

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