Featured Spotlight: Christina Seid


Happy National Ice Cream Day! While I am away in the bustling city of Hong Kong right now, it doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten to celebrate this awesome day that gives all an excuse to eat ice cream till there’s no tomorrow! 🙂 In celebration of this day, I would love to introduce to you the owner of one of the top ice cream stores in New York City. Meet Christina Seid from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. She has a huge heart for the community and runs a blog that confirms her passion for giving back and for her business. Recently, she awarded three students from the Lower East Side prep high school with scholarships for contributing to the Lower East Side and Chinatown. “I have never been so moved by a graduation!” she explained.  While chatting over some condensed milk on toast and sipping tea at a local restaurant, Christina shared her story with me again about her store! Enjoy this read of a glimpse from our conversation!

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Happy 4th!

Thank goodness I can always rely on Starbucks for free-wifi! Saying hello while I’m sipping a Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino from Tsim Tsa Tsui in Hong Kong. If you’re checking in on my blog, a huge thanks from across the world! I have been trying to update but for some reason neither my Instagram nor my Tumblr will post and work consistently, so I’ve asked my lovely husband to post this for me from New York. I’ll try to post whenever possible but if you don’t hear from me here nor Instagram within the next two weeks, check back early August for some updates!  Lots of love, and hope everyone had a Happy Fourth of July! 

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