A 4 to 6 Seat Restaurant : Sushi On Jones

I was first told about a “restaurant”called Sushi On Jones that has 4-6 seats only a few days before I had the special opportunity to visit. Thanks to my aunt and cousin for taking us there! This one-of-a-kind outdoor sushi counter is NYC’s first, making sushi-on-the-go in an intimate yet somewhat casual experience. Intimate because you are face to face with the sushi chefs, Tashi and Kenny, and the manager, Tom. It was casual because you don’t need to dress up and it is not awkwardly quiet and high-end like other omakase experiences. As soon as you sit, they begin to serve you tea or water and individual pieces of sushi are made right in front of you. You have 30 minutes to enjoy your reservation (yes you need to reserve in advance!) before the next lucky batch of 4-6 get to go through what you just had. Those 12 pieces of sushi come by incredibly quick, but the flavors linger long after you chew and swallow them.

Below are some photos my husband took of the food. As much as we don’t enjoy uni (I know… what a waste!), we all ate it and to our surprise, it was incredibly good.  Sushi on Jones’ uni was smooth and creamy without the overwhelming ocean taste it usually has, and it tasted perfectly with the torched piece of wagyu beef.  That’s a wonderful end to your meal! The other pieces of sushi all had delicate texture and fresh flavors, resulting in a constant eagerness for the next piece to be made and served.  See for yourself in the photos below!


For an omakase experience, this is the most affordable I’ve seen as they usually go between $80-$250 a meal, often in a classy restaurant. It is quite the expensive lunch, but for some, it’s worth it! If you’ve never had this and want to see chefs making sushi in front of you piece by piece, try this place out. It may be worth that $50 bill, but be sure to make reservations. 🙂  just note – you’ll also be sitting in a high stool with blankets to keep you warm in the winter!

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo

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