A New Year cute video & giveaway!

Happy 2018! 

Remember I told you in my last entry to think about all that you’ve accomplished and not what you couldn’t get to (because we all have a never ending list of to-do’s!)?  Well… this little one surely was shocked at all that she succeeded in 2017!  One of my favorite YouTube stars, Claire Crosby, shares her successes with her family. She has QUITE a few considering she’s only five years old.  Oh-so-adorable I can’t stop watching her and listening to her sing – she is practically best friends with Ellen!

This year, I really hope to share with you more inspiring stories and people to connect with. To start off the year with this entry, I teamed up with Jeanne Chiang from @jeminidesigns just for fun to do a New Year’s giveaway for our Instagram followers!  Head over to my Instagram account @lilspirations for your chance to win one of her unique elemental earth bracelets.

I’ve known Jeanne for years and watching her shop grow has been incredible. (You can find her on Etsy here).  She has a keen eye for architecture, so when it came to jewelry design, you can imagine her merging the two well. I asked her where the idea for these particular bracelets came from and she responded with the following: “It came from studying soil samples for architecture.  Soil is the very depths of our earth – so rich in color, texture, and material.  Elemental earth is my tribute to our planet, for appreciating its rarity and uniqueness from every particle. In these pieces, no stone is exactly alike. The raw and organic, harmonizes with the crystalline perfection of the crystal seedlet clusters. Just like architecture, man’s integration of form into its natural environment.”  Indeed when you look at them closely, the stones are all different.

What are you waiting for? Head on over and enter now!  Wishing you all a joyous, adventurous, and healthy new year!  xoxo, Lil

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