A Taste of “the City of Love”


The other day, a friend of mine drove me through Soho and my eyes WIDENED when I saw Ladurée.  I thought I imagined it, but after looking it up, I found that it had its opening for its 2nd NYC location just last week on February 4th (Miami folks – it’s opening there in 3 weeks!) If you are a big fan of the macaroon pastries, this is a must go-to spot. Though upscale and quite fancy, its desserts are all that it claims to be and more. Macaroons are incredibly hard to make, requiring specific temperature and a detailed process that few can master. It can easily become too sweet, breakable, or hard!  

The Ladurée tea salon has become a top spot to visit in Paris, France since 1997, and the only other location in the U.S. was on the upper East Side. Now that it’s so close, if you’re in the city, make a pit stop! My favorite is the chocolate passion fruit coconut macaroon, which has a tangy taste that blends perfectly with the chocolate. Its texture is so soft that with slight pressure, it breaks into pieces. Not too sweet, not bland at all.  Of course, I shared with my husband as we opted to try two different flavors. 🙂


This new location also has a restaurant that serves entrees & brunch. Otherwise, if you’re in the upper East Side, you can just buy the pastries to go and enjoy its beautiful decor inside.


Soho location – 398 West Broadway
Upper East SIde location – 864 Madison Avenue 

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