A Whole New World

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  It was quite sweet to scroll through my Instagram and Facebook to see all the fun Easter pictures people take. Though bunnies and eggs have nothing to do with the holiday, it’s nice to see people gather together and find joy in the day.  Meanwhile, this was the first Easter I actually missed in terms of going out for festivities and brunch. Instead we were home all day (or on my part, home all month…) celebrating this little one’s one month. That’s right!  Baby came early, hence my disappearance right after the last entry.

Meet Baby Kairi who so loves the world already.  Well, the world inside these 4 walls anyway because due to Chinese traditions, new mothers go through a “sitting month” where we don’t step outside and have to rest at home for an entire month! I know.. crazy, right??  Partially true depending on what traditions you’re told to follow, this article just about sums up this confinement period in the most hilarious ways.  As for being a new mother, I can’t even begin to describe the experience except that I understand now that we won’t really know what having a child feels like until we bear our own (emotionally, physically, socially). It’s quite the journey.  While there are struggles, the love is so huge, I feel like Jasmine sometimes with this whole new world I’m living in.

At the same time to be honest, I look and feel like this little one sometimes with just enough energy
to walk from one room to the other.
(Note: I am currently wearing pajama pants and an oversized tshirt as I write this entry) 

People are right though. After having a baby, there really is no shame (in how you look, dress, etc.) That bundle of joy literally keeps your world turning despite the fact that she refuses to nap and keeps you on your toes for hoooouuuuurrrrrssss… the random never-ending sounds she makes, the smiles, the incredibly loud farts she makes, the cute whimper sounds, the sudden cries that wake you up and then becomes silent (almost to say “WAKE UP! Oh, just kidding”) … yup, all worth it. She is already my inspiration and I hope that she will grow up to be a strong woman who fulfills what she believes in and aims to make a difference in this ever-changing world.  Girl power… oh yes.  🙂

Just an FYI for those who are wondering, this isn’t going to become a mommy-blog, but if you are a mommy and would like to know some of the coolest spots in New York City, recipes, and things to do with your kids, check out my friend Yvonne’s new blog, Hopscotch_Mom.  She has quite the fun ideas with her 3 adorable daughters!

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo, Lil

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  1. Congrats again to you and hubby and welcome baby Kairi! What a beautiful name💕 I can definitely relate to the little girl— motherhood can be “plop!” exhausting a lot of the time, especially in the early months; but things will get easier!

    Don’t forget to look after yourself too, mama;) if you’re going to be home all day, put on your prettiest and comfiest pajamas; and remember to choose the cutest, cheeriest cozy T-shirt 🙂


    1. Aww, thank you Yvonne! That’s actually a great idea. I’ve been dressing pretty bummy, but it looks like I’ll need a change of pajamas right after this! 🙂

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