So who’s behind the blog?

Me! A 5 feet, 3 (and a half!) inches tall Chinese-American born gal whose name Lilian happens to be derived from mom’s favorite flower: a lily. A teacher of 7-9 year olds, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a musician, a latte enthusiast, an adventurist, and an artist (or so I try!). Oh, and now, the mommy of Kairi who was born just this spring!  Having lived in New York City for more than half my life now, I realized that everything in life just gets me excited. There are so many beautiful people in this world with immense creativity, lifelong passions, huge hearts, and innately good intentions to make others happy in one way or another. I took this lens that paved my way into growing a desire to share it with others…. And lilspirations was born.

Thanks to my incredible husband, a web designer and developer, as well as some really supportive family and friends, I launched this blog with an intention to be more active in discovering and sharing about new places and people in New York City. It has now been 3 years (WHOO!) since I launched it, and got a new crisp makeover in February, 2017.  This blog focuses on everything that I like and find uplifting … I’ve recently categorized it so that the following would be covered: (you can even search for specific posts through the new search button!)

Featured Spotlights – My exclusive interviews with chefs, owners, artists, and more where I share the stories of these inspiring people and show you behind-the-scenes!

Food – Food brings people together, that’s a fact, and I… LOVE… FOOD! Here you’ll find some of the places I’ve eaten at and the foods I’ve tried making.

Life – It’s almost my miscellaneous category – inspiring articles, videos, my arts and crafts, experiences. You name it!

Travel – The places I’ve traveled to – here are my quick publishes!

NYC – One of the best cities in the world.  For good reason. Let me bring you around to some of those awesome places! @whyilovenewyorkcity captured my words best when I shared about my subway experience in the city!


So I hope you’ll enjoy what you see and read. Most importantly, as Ellen Degeneres always say … remember to be kind to one another.  It’s seriously one of life’s best quotes to live by! Let the little things inspire you 🙂