“All it takes is one idea…”

When I look back just 6 years ago, I remember having the LG Dare as my phone. The idea of touch screen and having that phone with “good” camera quality was enough to grab the attention of many who were fascinated. Now 6 years later, I can’t even remember when the beginning of all this social media and incredible technology suddenly took over the world. Even more fascinating is that something new pops up EVERYDAY and you just have to keep catching up.

Pinterest. Etsy. Instagram. Vine. Google+. LinkedIn. Ahhh, you name it – they’ve got it. There are even apps for everything, from shopping at Staples to scanning an item for the cheapest price nearby.

So I wondered, where do these things come from? The more I observe, the more I connect with this thought: All it takes is ONE idea. If you’ve got a great concept, get motivated and get moving because if you can invest with time and be passionate about what you believe in, you just may be the next Steve Jobs or J.K. Rowling (whom by the way, wrote the beginning of Harry Potter while she was on a train!) This article just may inspire you! “What Successful People Did in their Twenties.

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