And so it continues :)

HOORAY! has just been renewed for another two years! I couldn’t let the blog end, despite my recent sporadic posts since the incredible run of interviews. I started it because I wanted to share what aspired and inspired me, and I’m not about to let that end. It has almost been two years since I officially launched – what a walk down memory lane as I re-visited my very post on December 1st!


While I’m currently still sifting through photos and working on a post about my latest (and last trip for a while) to San Francisco, I was also wondering how time passes so quick between my posts that today is the 13th day I didn’t update. YIKES! So here’s to sharing with you my behind-the-scenes in the last month of the little things that have kept me busy!

I’ve been… 

– getting to know my new bunch of 2nd graders this year. Boy, they’ve got personalities and I’m ready to help them shine! It’ll take some work, but it shouldn’t be long before we’re sharing elaborated stories, building models, and treating each other like we’ve been best friends for years. This was our first self-portrait of the year – those poses? Yeah, they really look like that in real life! =p


I’ve been…  working on little trinkets (such as this hilarious cake topper that my friend asked me to make for her!). Quite the challenge to take on when I’ve got 5 days to do it, but I’m grateful she trusted me with it. In case you’re wondering what that green thing is, her soon-to-be hubby loves wearing ski goggles and has long hair. I’ve also been learning to use my new sewing machine. I gave this elephant and piggy away last year and really want to try to make another set for keepsakes sometime. I’m really missing their selfie picture-taking! 🙂


I KNOW… completely random.  Welcome to the life that keeps me sane.

I’ve been…  learning to swim. HA HA!  2 years of lessons when I was young and all I can still do is swim a lap, but after a few weeks of practicing, I can now swim at least 5 laps in one session. Ohhhhh, the little things in life.

I’ve been… learning how to play with my EPSON Brightlink machine at work. Goodbyeeee chalkboards, transparencies, and dry erase markers! I’ve gone 21st century on my kids, alas!

And lastly… I’ve been… exploring the creativity of others. Visiting galleries, trying new dishes, coming across unique things.  Who wouldn’t want to use the bathroom when you’ve got this sign to walk past?


Have an AWESOME weekend, and don’t forget to shoot me an email. Have I mentioned how much I love reading them?!


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