Back to School!

This week was the first week back to school for public schools in NYC! The feeling of returning never gets old – excitement with a burst of butterflies and sweaty hands. I just love going back to the classroom and setting up for the year.  New school supplies, new setup, new decorations.  Then the night before the first day kids come in, I feel it… adrenaline pumping, flashes of what might or might not happen occur, and a constant repetition of my first day’s lessons run in my brain… next thing I know, I have just completed my first day with my new group of kids! 

Call me biased, but I highly respect teachers. They spend countless hours planning for lessons and activities, multi-tasking between kids and tasks, working and learning to differentiate with all kinds of personalities and needs – all the while vacuuming, Clorox-wiping the tables, sharpening pencils, calming a crying child down, dealing with wet accidents.  It’s never-ending yet so rewarding! 

This was a short post, but I’ve started to sleep at 10 p.m. already!  Point is, cheers to all the educators out there – you rock.  Know that the future generations really do depend on you and as cliche as it may sound, you really DO make a difference. You may not feel like it (as I don’t often times either), but don’t be so hard on yourself – listen and try to believe when others tell you what an amazing job you’re doing.  

Here are 9 videos to get you inspired for the year. (Click

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