Behind the Scenes with the Founder of Snowdays Shavery, Tony Quach

This winter is probably one of the coldest winters I can remember here in New York. If it’s not snowing, it’s freezing and turning all the previous snow or puddles into ice!  Yesterday the floors were pretty clean from a couple of warmer days and then it started to snow again today.

But I’ve actually been looking forward to this snow day because how else to celebrate the day than with the popular Snowdays Shavery? You might remember 6 months ago, when I attended their first week opening and shared about the experience (click here to read!).  Since then, they have been the talk of the town (or in our case, the city)!

Over my week off, I got together with founder Tony Quach to tell you about how this unique place came about.  He’s such a down-to-earth guy and cares really deeply for what he does and about interacting with his customers. Now here’s your chance to know him a little bit through our behind-the-scenes interview.  (Make sure you read it all!  You may find a little surprise somewhere below.) 🙂


Tell us a little about yourself, Tony! 🙂 

I have always had a love for food and I think I have a pretty good palette. I grew up in New York City but I spent 3 ½ years in Los Angeles. It was there that I encountered the concept of shaved cream and I brought my friends all the time to try it. A lot of stores were opening up there and I thought this was a good time to move back to NYC and bring the concept over.

I did read that you loved shaved cream when you lived in L.A. What made you turn it from a food obsession into a business? 

New York and L.A. are the same in terms of innovations for food. This was like the frozen yogurt craze a couple years ago. I thought about opening a store in L.A. but what better place than to open one in NYC, especially in the East Village?


What makes a lot of people happy is knowing that your cream is made in small batches with high quality and freshness, and with organic dairy from Hudson Valley! I can taste the freshness! Have you ever thought about making them in pints or quarts for sale? 

We thought about it, but no. The way the texture of shaved cream is doesn’t hold up. In about ½ hour to an hour, it changes and does not stay the same. The good news though, is that we might be expanding!

Where do you get your inspiration from for your flavors and combinations, especially that delicious blueberry and Oreos mix? 

It was originally an Asian concept but I realize I wanted to bridge the gap and not just aim for the Asian population. So I tinkered with different ingredients and dairies and used natural products to create the perfect flavor and texture. There’s no real recipe for it – I had to really experiment. People use synthetic milk powders to get the right consistency but it didn’t taste right for me. For that combination, I thought Oreos and blueberries tasted the best. My nieces and nephews were my testers and they loved it!


What is your favorite part about finding Snowdays and being here everyday?

This is my first retail business. Everyday is filled with new challenges and I learn new things everyday. February 20th just marked 6 months! (Congratulations!) I wanted to create a brand that’s organic to New York, hence the name because you don’t have snowdays like NYC over in the West Coast. I wanted to create a place that people here can relate to and bring you back to childhood nostalgia – cereal toppings like Fruity Pebbles, Pocky Sticks, and utensils like color-changing spoons


Well, you definitely made that vision come true. Snowdays is a fun place to be and worth going even on a single digit degree day.  Thank you Tony for the exclusive interview and preview tasting of the upcoming Vietnamese coffee snow cream (picture above: topped with Oreos, almonds, condensed milk, waffle bits, and blueberries!



PSSSSTTTT… SNOWDAYS and I teamed up to make your fluffy, snowy dreams come true (whoo-hoo!). Stay tuned for a special giveaway posting this week  through our Instagram (@Snowdaysnyc and @lilspirations) and Facebook pages (Snowdays and Lilspirations).  

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