Just last week, I made a last minute decision to fly to Montreal with a good high school friend and get away from the city for 4 days. I came back and got incredibly busy with some write-ups and upcoming work work this week, so I’ll be back by Wednesday with a new post (and a giveaway next week).  Thanks for popping by, and check in then!

In the meantime, here’s a picture I took at the Chalet du Mont Royal. It was actually an accident finding this place … we wanted to explore the Mont Royal Park, a park designed by the same person who created Central Park – Frederick Law Olmsted.  Without Internet or any specific points to hit at the park, we walked around endlessly and wound up following this path that seemed never-ending… UPHILL! Coming across tons of tourists all of a sudden, we climbed these stairs (also never ending) until we got to the top and saw this spectacular view.  If I had my fitbit on, I would say I walked at least 50,000 steps, but hey, it was so worth it!  Here it is .. take a breath!

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