Goodbye, 2017!

Helloooo, everyone!

Your first question is probably where in the world I’ve been.  Let’s just say 2017 was quite the busy year, and as close as I was to ending this blog due to a lack of time, I just couldn’t do it. In fact, I renewed it for another 3 years.  As I look back on the 3 years of Lilspirations, I remember why I started it in the first place.  To learn, to share, to be inspired, and to inspire … and indeed I felt it was successful. I met so many wonderful people whom I still connect with thanks to their collaboration or even just all of your support with this site. I created so many new things that I never thought I’d have the talent or skills for because I was motivated and encouraged to, and I learned so much about people, places, and myself.  It has truly been an inspiring journey.

However, I can’t say that things will ever be the same again in 2018 because it won’t be.  In a good way though.  I don’t have the time to travel, go out and explore as much as I used to so I can share with you all the special events that happen here in New York City, but I will continue sharing with you the people that make this city what it is.  I will share with you the stories behind the places you visit and the food that you eat (which by the way, just 3 years ago when I started, Smorgasburg wasn’t even popular yet and now we’ve got food halls everywhere!)  Lastly, I will hopefully share with you something very new – a glimpse of my journey as a first time mom.  We are so excited to have a baby girl this spring.  She just may be the lil’ in Lilspiration!  Here’s a GIF hubby and I made for our announcement that I’d love to share with you!


As I close the year with this entry, I want to remind you to celebrate all that you have accomplished, not what you wish you had accomplished (because we all know there is plenty on our lists!)  Ask yourselves – What are you most proud of? What did you learn? What do you want to make happen in 2018?  Don’t let the little things slip away – you’ll be surprised how accomplished you feel when you recognize even the smallest things you’ve done.  Remember sometimes, it’s the little things that inspire.

Happy New Year, friends!  xoxo – Lil

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This lip sync battle happened just two weeks ago on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and I must have watched it a gazillion times already. I love it for several reasons: 

1) It’s HILARIOUS. Ellen’s slow movement and facial expression with her song brings you tears from laughing so hard at her incredible acting!

2) You can’t help but want to be part of that celebrity circle of friends. 

3) It really looks as if they are singing the actual songs! (Are you SURE it’s lip syncing??) 

I don’t watch a lot of television nowadays, but Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon (and Justin Timberlake) are quite the favorite celebrities. There are so many famous people that are talented, but what makes these three stand out is how genuine they seem to be. It’s not about fame nor money. It’s not about making a statement. It’s about making people laugh and be entertained; about giving back in some way or another. I don’t know them in real life, but I do believe they are kind-hearted, loving, and have great humor. (Oh how I’d love to go to one of their shows!)  

So when you need a laugh, a good song to listen to, or just someone to inspire you with the vibrance and the positivity of their lives … just pop on the Tonight Show or Ellen. I guarantee it’ll increase those endorphins! 🙂 Sometimes, a little time to sit back and relax is all we need. 

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More Good News than Bad

This video just might make you smile as it did for me – straight from a kid’s point of view. No matter where they are in the world, all children have pure hearts. They can be molded in great ways, and that is one of the biggest reasons why I became a teacher. Although the children in this video were told what to do and actually did them, when it came to something negative, they knew right away that it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It didn’t matter what anyone else told them – if it wasn’t right, they won’t do it. It’s natural for them to be good hearted yet can we say the same for when children are no longer children? What do we do then to help their growing minds and bodies keep their innocence, their kindness, their respect for humanity?

There are always going to be bad news, but who is to say that we can’t have more GOOD news than bad?  After hearing about all the domestic violence that occurred in 2014, here’s to a new year full of change and full of heart.

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Out of a car, up from a street, high above the hills!  Here is my view of the fireworks from the hills of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland! Did you know that fireworks are legal there and it is a tradition for families and friends to gather and light up fireworks? It starts around 8 and lasts throughout the night!  About 600 tons of fireworks light up every year!

Best wishes to all and a happy new year!

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Need to work out but can’t seem to find motivation? Here’s someone to help boost your confidence. Kacy Catanzaro, a 5 feet tall 100 pound gymnast was the first woman ever to complete the obstacle course on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.  It’s pretty inspiring when you see how dedicated and focus she is as she faces the seemingly-impossible-to-beat obstacles. You’ll be in awe! 

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“If you invest in yourself, you can’t lose.”

A lot of things can be self-taught now, especially with the Internet at the palm of your hands. The only thing you need is passion and motivation. This 15 year old, Emka Klučovskáproves that drive as she self-teaches and creates pieces of artwork beyond words. They are remarkable with the finest of details that you may take a double take just to make sure that it wasn’t a photograph to begin with. To make her even more special, she’s a falconer, unafraid and brave to train birds of prey!  When she grows up, she wants to be a movie character designer. Now that’s dedication.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

It seems like nowadays, everyone wants to get out there and do something unique. They want to start their own nonprofit, design a clothing line, open up their own school, start a YouTube channel, create and sell on Etsy, etc.  The best part is, there’s no limitations – if you have the motivation, the drive… then you can really do anything you set your mind to!

This is perhaps, one of the most inspiring quotes I can share with you if you’re one of those people.

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