Celebrating Lilspirations’ 1 Year With a Giveaway!


I simply can’t believe how quick a year has passed! My husband and I came up with the idea of using this blog as a way of sharing things that I found inspiring in life, through events, food, and people. Though I didn’t really become active with this blog until the second half, it has been so much fun interacting with new people, new places, and new readers! Thank you all for being MY inspiration in continuing with this blog. I couldn’t have done it without your support!!

So.. to celebrate, I have a little surprise for you! Two months ago, I teamed up with Jen Sharkey from Sharkey’s Cafe in Chinatown, NY to give away an exclusive free lunch, and Jen picked the winner who created a name for her new sandwich.

This time, this giveaway will give you some holiday cheer (and a lot of oohs, ahhs, and hugs from 5 lucky people in your life!)


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