Change is never an easy thing. When I first moved to the city (coming from a more suburban background), it was hard. The noise didn’t bother me, but the crowds and the small apartment sizes did. I had a huge house and a backyard – plus I didn’t have to walk everywhere! But slowly I began to appreciate the convenience, the incredible amount of diversity, the bright lights, the subway, and the fact that I live in the center where it’s easy for everyone to meet up.

When it came to work, change was still not easy. Five years ago, I was asked to move from first grade to second grade. It didn’t scare me too much as I knew second graders were still a great fun age, but still – learning how to teach again. Then, it turned out what shocked me was how my students surprised me with techniques that I never thought I would be able to teach 7 year olds.  I never expected them to be able to look closely at details, pay attention to the way they hold their pencils/markers/pens, or set themselves with a high expectation that they can draw or write like high school students. It turned out this change was good. After 5 years of second grade and teaching them about New York City birds as part of our social studies curriculum, I’ve grown a love for this age and their love for school and growing abilities.

Now I have this feeling that a big change is coming soon. I’m not sure what it is quite yet, but I think it’ll be good. It has to be if we try, right?  I’m ready to tackle the challenge and start something new!  Gonna need me some new remedies for relaxation too 🙂

What do you do when change is about to hit ya? Please share!

Here are some photos of our new bulletin board – yessss, 7-8 year olds drew them, and I promise – I did not help them draw at all (just 1 child whose hand I lightly guided to sketch the shape of the bird).

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