Dee’s in Forest Hills, NY

Let me start off with this post by saying the following:  when you have 13 hungry people waiting to eat, your camera does not get the first bite. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll capture some photos with the type of quality that’ll get you whimpering over what apps can save your day.

AH YES!  So let’s get to it!  

To celebrate my little cousin (and by little I mean age, not height anymore. SIGH), my family made a reservation to Dee’s in Forest Hills, Queens.  We had gone there once before for my mom’s birthday and thought it was pretty good. But this time, the quality and experience just shot up even more.

First of all, there aren’t very many great restaurants to choose from when you’re by the Metropolitan Avenue area. Most people who don’t live in Forest Hills would wind up eating around Austin Street, which is right by every transportation you can name – subway, LIRR, taxis, Express buses, and buses. So when we discovered this restaurant, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty darn good. When you walk in, you’ll see workers diligently making and cooking your pizzas in their brick oven. You can see the entire process.  On the left is a sweet beautiful barn sliding door that takes you to a private room, should you reserve it for a special event.  Then the rest of the restaurant is welcoming, warm, and wonderful for gatherings or even a casual date night.

The service is phenomenal. I loved our waitress, who was constantly checking back on us and even helped try to make my so-completely-obvious attempt at getting my cousin a birthday cake and song NOT so obvious. He winded up with this incredible sea salt caramel ice cream cake and loved every bite. The rest of us ended with a homemade almond tiramisu – deliciously moist with a perfect level of sweetness. Again – the beasts in all of us devoured that thing so the camera was left on its own. Sorry, no photos!

But here are some of the many deliciously scrumptious dishes that we ordered.


Pan Roasted Mussels in white sauce, served with their famous (omg…) focaccia.  Ran out of mussels? Ask for bread because the sauce is savory!


Crispy calamari with spicy tomato coulis.  When they say crispy, they mean it.


When my cousin wanted lasagna, I reacted inside with an “ew.”  You see, my only experience with lasagna comes from the public school lunches. As you can imagine, they weren’t very good.  But Dee’s lasagna, with traditional three cheese, meat bolognese sauce won me over.  Moist, meaty and with some incredibly fresh stretchy mozzarella, I am now a lasagna fan.


Seafood pasta – this wasn’t one of my favorites but the seafood was fresh.


The Four Seasons pizza – fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, kalamata olives, artichokes, portabella mushrooms, and pepperoni.  The dough wasn’t crispy but it was chewy without the stale or sogginess. It had the same texture as the focaccia, which we really loved. Also again, the fresh mozzarella makes the entire pizza pleasant and classic.


Linguini by the sea with sauteed shrimp, calamari, and mussels.  Can you tell my family loves seafood?

I think we’ve definitely found our place to gather on special nights out. When you’ve got a place with good food, good service, and good quality, you’re bound to return.  🙂  Dee’s definitely fulfilled their mission!

As always, thanks for reading!  xoxo

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