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This Saturday, August 16th, is the last day of Summer Streets!  With 7 miles blocked off exclusively for YOU from City Hall to 72nd Street, you can bike, walk, run, and make rest stops at different booths and vendors.  I have to say that for New York City to do this is huuuuuuuge!  We’re such a packed city, yet everyone is encouraged to get up and get moving!  So, during the first Summer Streets, I decided to wake up and check it out.  It’s quite fun if you go with someone!


Bike & Roll  offers 50 free bikes at each of the 5 rest stops for riders to use. You just have to fill out some paperwork, put down a deposit, and you get one hour free to ride! 


Because the streets are blocked off, you get exclusive access to go through the roadways that pedestrians never get to go through, such as the Grand Central Terminal and Metlife buildings.  Though it’s not pictured here, you can even walk through the Park Avenue Tunnel which features Jana Winderen’s installation of sounds called “Dive.”  I hear it’s quite unique!


Never been ziplining? Then here’s your chance to try in a 2 and a half stories high, 160 feet long course! It looks pretty short but apparently a lot of people get pretty nervous once they’re up there. It’s definitely worth a try beforehand if you’re thinking of going to real ziplining courses such as those in Costa Rica!


Soho’s rest stop features a rock climbing course.  For both this and the ziplining course, you have to arrive pretty early to write your name down for a slot. They fill up really fast so I highly suggest arriving before 9:30!

Oh yes, and it’s alllllll free (except food).  Ah, NYC just never bores!

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