Featured Spotlight: Sarah Simon


When it comes to creating art or capturing photographs, Sarah Simon from Seattle knows how to do it well.  I mean, really well.  Known as @TheMintGardener on Etsy and Instagram, I got a chance to collaborate with her on an upcoming giveaway and learn about who she is and the work that she does. Although Sarah started her professional life in Economics and Human Resources, her support from her husband and her passion for creating with her hands, won.  “I began an Etsy and Instagram site devoted to my art and the many inspirations of beauty that catch my eye everyday.”

Her photos on Instagram are really unique. I wondered what she looked for when shooting those pictures so I went ahead and asked her.   Her answer?  Light.  “Light is the most captivating factor for me- it colors our world differently from moment to moment and it creates moods and dictates the flow of our days.  Certain lighting (my favorite is dawn and dusk, the ‘afterlight’) is the most inspiring to me. With a little (or a lot of) coffee and the right lighting – who knows what may be accomplished!”  


But the most curious to me when learning about Sarah was how she came up with the name The Mint Gardener. It turns out that her name speaks of another inspiration in her life – her garden.  “I am never lonely when I am digging in the dirt or watering the summer squash! My mind feels alive and spins through the details of my next art piece as I prune our honeysuckle vine. The mint plant in our garden happens to be one of my favorite plants – for it’s delicate branchlike structure, it’s resilience to all elements and it’s intoxicating scent. A small mint plant is my favorite gift to give to my friends and neighbors – it brings people together and encourages everyone to try to plant in their own little spot of earth. Plus, who doesn’t love a refreshing strawberry mint mojito on a warm summer evening? Inspiration all around!”

If only I can bring Sarah over to New York to help save my little mint plant because it just doesn’t want to do well on my tiny windowsill!  Or any plant for that matter… eeks!


Besides her love and gift for gardening, Sarah is also a superb artist and illustrator.  We are both incredibly excited because on June 21st, you can check in on our Instagrams for a chance to win one of many items, including her art pieces such as this “Where the Wild Things Are” Wild Rumpus print – you’ll also receive a gift of two bulldog clips to display them!


Hang it on your wall and you’ll find yourself quoting Maurice Sendak’s classic.  “And the walls became the world all around!”  Indeed they have.

As always, thanks for reading, and check in for a few more “meet the makers” this week!

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