Fine Ice Cream Tucked Away on Rivington

We’re always on the lookout for good dessert, aren’t we? It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 degrees outside – Many people are willing to (or even craving!) to hold an ice cream cone, stand in the cold, and shiver while they indulge in their sweet tastings and important conversations. Both unique in its own ways, two of my favorite ice cream places include Smitten and Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. Though I have only gone twice so far, this New York ice cream parlor below definitely has its specialties too!


A friend of mine asked me one day at the gym (I know… how ironic!) if I had ever been to Morgenstern’s. She showed me this bright white ice cream parlor tucked away in the middle of a quiet Rivington street between Chrystie and Bowery. I took a look at the unique menu and knew I just had to return!



A few things I discovered during my ice cream adventure in this parlor…

1) It’s cash only.

2) The ice cream is eggless, low in butterfat and low in sugar. (It’s a win-win situation!) Whoo!

3) They offer homemade sodas! So?…. So then you also have the option of making your own float!

4) They offer a fascinating assortment of flavors (see menu). According to the worker I met, the American Egg is a popular silky egg custard that apparently tastes like creme brulee. They also serve specialties, such as the New God Flow – consisting of melting raw milk ice cream atop Japanese white bread and served with caramelized honey (picture below). I haven’t tried all of these yet, but soon will! Instead, I tried a scoop of the angel food vanilla and the salt and pepper pinenut.  It sounded like the strangest flavor, but I had a rocking time with the salt and pepper taste. It had such a delicate balance and didn’t make the flavor seem a strange choice at all!  The candied pine nut provided the sweet crunch I needed too.


(Photo credit – New God Flow: Isabel Lee)


They had plenty of topping choices as well. Pickled pineapple, Amaretti crumbs, and dried acai aren’t exactly your typical topping choices so it’s nice for a change!


Even better behind the scenes, I discovered that every week, Morgenstern’s offers a flavor inspired by a local business. Recently until December 1st, they served the Rosette consisting of prickly pear fruit and sour yogurt served with a rim of black sesame seeds. It was inspired by a jewelry designer, Anna Sheffield. Though I missed this special offer, I can’t wait to try the next specialty mix!

Spectacular combinations and original thinking – I’ll be back!

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