Happy 2 Years to Lilspirations!

I’m gonna need some twins for this one! 😉  I can’t believe it has been 2 years!  It has been such a joy to have this blog since my husband slash web designer created this as my way of sharing my joys with all of you.  A HUGE THANK YOU to YOU – for reading, for sharing, for just listening to me share (and sometimes vent!) about all the little things in life, especially here in New York City. The blog has come a long way, from a simple entry about how all it takes is one idea to being an entrepreneur to interviews with some incredible talents out there such as my friend Christina Seid from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  I can’t wait to see how much the third year will grow as I recently renewed this domain.  Just thank you thank you for all of it! 

Wish I had time this week to create a little collage for you, but here are 5 of some memorable posts from the last 2 years!

Easter Egg Hunt of NYC 

My Australian Animals Adventure

Foodies Love Hudson Eats 

Behind the Scenes at the DonorsChoose Office

My Visit to a Fashion Designers Ruben & Isabel Toledos’ Home

Please do send an email and tell me what you’d love to read about or what your favorite entries were! 🙂  As always, thanks for reading! xox

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