Hello friends!

It has been quite busy over here in NYC. Some of you have asked me when I usually update the site and my answer has always been “twice a week – usually Sundays and Wednesdays.” But for those who have been reading, I’m sorry to disappoint you with the late entries but I can explain! 🙂

Follow along with me in this busy little ritual that has been happening for a couple of weeks now! I’ve been …

– extremely busy with my little 7-8 year old munchkins (Yes, all 26 of them!). We’ve launched our study on birds, experimented with force and motion, planted a gazillion seeds in our garden, learned freestyle and backstrokes in swimming, and got little piggy banks to learn how to count, exchange, and save money! The learning never stops!



– back and forth with emails with the amazing DonorsChoose working on different proposals for the class and thanking donors and volunteers! (If you’re looking for an organization to donate to, this one has a beautiful purpose: the money goes towards classrooms of your choice!)

– getting some surprises ready for my next few interviews and giveaways. But.. I can’t tell you just what they are quite yet.  Sneaky sneaky!

– celebrating lots of beautiful couples getting married and having babies. I can’t believe I’ve reached that age where everyone’s moving onto new journeys!  I suddenly feel like Joey Tribbiani from Friends when he turned 30…


Then I’ve also been…

– connecting and reuniting with old and new friends. (*waves. Hello!)

– taking 3 classes to finish my post-Master’s degree.  Surprisingly I think I will miss going to school, but not quite yet.

– catching up with my dear family here and all over the world!  A huge congratulations to my little cousin Matt for getting into the college of his choice and my brother for getting a new job!

– spending time cleaning and re-decorating the apartment with my husband DIY-style. Holy moly, who knew how much stuff we had! (Okay, most of my friends and family knew, but it’s finally time to say gooooooood-bye!) … except the turtles. The turtles stay. All of them.

So, I hope I’ve been forgiven for not posting. I’ve been inspired quite a bit lately but overwhelmed at the same time! Thanks to all of you for your ever-growing support and emails. I LOOOOOOVE reading them! Will you send me more to read and reply to? 🙂  Let me leave today’s post with this adorable quote (source unknown).



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