How many ways can I draw … “ME”?

In the school that I work at, a monthly requirement (a rather fun one) is to have students create a self-portrait. I wondered how many ways a child can make a picture of him or herself without getting tired or bored and the more I thought about it, the more exciting it became. To see the growth of each student’s piece is jaw-dropping especially in a span of 9 months. There are some materials and methods of work that I love re-using every year, but every group of kids is different. This year, I took several “AH-HA!” moments and embedded them into each portrait session.  I also challenged myself in using materials that I rarely ever used before. Turns out that with specific instructions, felt is not hard to cut at all!  … Here are 3 portraits from one of my students.


(Top left): “Me With My Winter Gear” – pencil, Sharpie, crayons, multicultural crayons, felt, white chalk
(Top right): “Simple Portrait” – crayons, thick Sharpie
(Bottom): “Me In Action! – color pencils, thick Sharpie

Thick and thin sharpies has to be the most popular thing in the class. Almost all the portraits are traced by one. The first portrait here was inspired by Snowflake Bentley.  What an incredible story about a man who studied snowflakes throughout his life! The second portrait is a simple crayon drawing at the beginning of the year, and the last one is a movable pop-up portrait displaying an action (verb) that describes something they love to do. I can’t wait for the next AH-HA moment!

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