“look up”

I came across this video this week and I thought the lyrics were well written and easily relatable to many of us. He makes a great point about how technology has controlled many people and how we’re losing humanity. It reminded me very much of this video that I saw and posted about 9 months ago, where the point is to “look up” so you don’t miss an important moment. While both videos make very good points about how we let our phones, Ipads, computers, social media consume us, it’s also really important to know that although it is society and our generation that pressures us this way, it is also a CHOICE. We should be conscious to choose to meet face-to-face and have deep conversations instead of misunderstanding text messages and possible pretend LOLs. We can choose to record those important moments on our videos instead of just the 6 seconds that will get us the most “likes” on social media… and we can choose to put our phones away for that one hour of lunch or dinner instead of texting someone else while you’re with your friend. Technology is a beautiful thing, but we should use it with a conscious mind.

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