It has been a few interesting weeks since September started, but it has also been quite fun in between the roller coaster bumps. Turning 30 for one thing is the beginning of a whole new decade. One of my best friends and I always joked about feeling like Joey Tribbiani from the show, “Friends,” where he begins to wail “Whyyy, God, why me! Why are you doing this to me!” when he turned 30. It’s not like we imagined it to be a great big difference or a depressing turn in life. It’s just that the number puts a shock sometimes. In our case, we’ve already started a new “30s bucket list!” Here we gooooo.

The 20s ended really well. I’m incredibly grateful for my brother who flew me all the way to San Francisco just for the weekend, and my husband, who jokes that my birthday lasts a whole three weeks. I’m so thankful for my friends and family who sent messages and good wishes even when they’re not around, cook delicious meals, and spend time catching up through meals. Their giant hearts and loving intentions are the reasons why I started this blog in the first place – because they inspire me.

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