It’s a snow day, everyday!


Have you ever wanted to grab a handful of snow and taste the fluffiness that fell from the sky? Well… I can’t promise you it’ll taste good, but at least now you can have a flavorful version at Snowdays Shavery! Making its debut last Friday, this dessert spot serves snow cream that’s more amazing than you can imagine. The owners had developed a recipe to have it eaten more like ice cream than the typical shaved ice that contains water. It is still very light by itself, and the toppings bring you to a whole other world!

(Photo above: Yeti Food Combo: Yeti Tracks with blueberry puree, bananas, and almonds)


(Photo: Green tea flavored ice with Pocky sticks, strawberry, mochi, and condensed milk) 

You can pick your flavor of ice that you prefer (strawberry, NY cheesecake, green tea, roasted black sesame, coconut, or the signature Yeti Tracks, a mixture of Oreo and blueberry).  Then add your toppings or pick the combos they already thought of for you. I tried two versions and loved them both.


I was highly fascinated with these “magic spoons” that brought joy out of all the customers (especially my husband!).  It changes color as you eat! (Blue: warm, Purple: cold).


Though I didn’t take a picture of the actual place, it is surrounded by beautiful photos of New Yorkers in the snow, in the city. I believe they were by  In addition, if there was an award for best choking or first aid sign, Jinukchoi’s artwork would win hands down. 🙂

All in all, it was a fun place to be and I’m really glad I got to enjoy it with my husband and friends. Congratulations Snowdays, for a wonderful opening weekend!


Left to right: Eric Nieves, Tony Quach, Shi Jie Li

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