Japanese Stab-Bound Book-Making!

Last week, I attended the Audubon Camp’s Educator’s Week at Hog Island in Bremen, Maine where my husband and I met tons of educators and spent days immersing in nature. It was truly a memorable experience as the staff was tremendously knowledgeable, dedicated, and extremely fun to be with! I’ll definitely share more in the next couple of entries.

At this camp, I had the privilege of being with Sherrie York, an incredible artist as well as an illustrator of Audubon Adventures. We hiked together and she shared some great resources I can use in the classroom, but one of the greatest parts was participating in her book making workshop. Though my pictures and directions are far from being perfect, I just had to share some of the photos of the steps we took to make a Japanese stab-bound book! The directions were very detailed, so if you are interested in making it, please feel free to message me for specific directions!image

First you need 2 cover spines, 2 cover boards, drawing paper, 2 cover papers, 2 inside cover papers, glue (Apparently, the “YES” glue won’t buckle or cause bubbles when you’re gluing so it’s perfect for this), scissors, needles, thin ribbon, binder clips, rulers, pencils and a drill.


Glue the cover boards onto your cover papers (scrapbook paper).  Do this twice so that you have a front and a back cover.


Then glue the inside cover paper onto the cover board, leaving enough room to still fold the spine.


Put your drawing papers in between the cover boards. Then binder clip each side so everything stays in place.


Yes! This is proof that I did indeed drill my own book 🙂  Drill holes every ½ inch along the spine.


Use thin ribbon or embroidery floss to bind the book.


Ta-daaaa!  I absolutely loved this tree scrapbook paper and couldn’t resist picking it! Now the hard part…. what to use this book for!

A huge thanks to Sherry for this wonderful resource. I look forward to adapting it so my 2nd graders will be able to make one!

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