“Ladies, before you were Mommy, you were his. Men, before you were Daddy, you were hers. Remember this. Hold on to this. Keep these words precious to you.”

To Wives: Before You Were Mommy  by Becky Thompson
What a beautifully written article (and blog) to couples who are about to become or already are parents.  I know that recently my posts have been baby-related, but what greater inspiration is there than the birth of a beautiful new baby and the love and dedication of a new mother?

This makes me think back on when we first begin something new, we wonder if we could do it a better way. When my husband and I were getting married, we were given plenty of advice and encouragement about what we should expect in our marriage.  All of it stemmed from people’s experiences and they can be very helpful.  But the one quote I remember the most was “Every night, give each other a good night kiss and say you love each other no matter what.” Sounds simple right? Yet when you’re fuming with anger, it’s easy to skip this small act of love. Even through the worst of the worst, that good night kiss and acknowledgment shows that we are not each others’ enemies and that we are still loved by one another. As strange as it sounds, that quote has made a tremendous impact in our marriage.

Similarly, this article has made a great impact on parents and parents-to-be because it reminds us of something that we can easily forget when we have drool all over our clothes or food spilled all over the floor. Though my husband and I are not parents yet, I’m thankful for this advice and will hold myself accountable for when we do have a little one. We promise to take even one minute just to compliment each other daily or to never forget what we did when we were dating or newly married.  I’m pretty sure that when you read this article and remind yourself to spend moments with your significant other, it’ll be a nice feeling to fall in love all over again.

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