More Than Just a New Year Resolution

First of all, I just want to say Happy New Year to all of you!  2015 really was an adventurous year that I am eternally grateful for. Without the support of my friends and family, I couldn’t have gone through my second year of blogging nor have ventured on all these trips and adventures.  Major things got checked off my bucket list, such as hugging a koala in Australia, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, and learning how to sew! Then there were wonderful events such as one of my best friends getting engaged, having extended family time in Hong Kong, visiting my brother in San Francisco, re-painting my small but cozy apartment, and celebrating my father’s retirement. There were some downfalls that I never quite shared with anyone, but nonetheless I feel incredibly blessed!

This year, 2016… comes a whole new journey. I have lots of goals – both big and small, personal and professional – that I want to go after. If you’re also trying to find ways to be achieve your goals, let’s do it together!  

(Ideas inspired by Maria Sharapova’s article “New Year, New Goals”) 

MAKE EATING & FITNESS FUN.  We spend a lot of time listening to ourselves and others talk about diets.  I cringe when I hear the word because I find it to be a difficult thing for most people to go through. YES, even the skinny ones go through their own health concerns and have certain “diets” to adhere. Diets don’t work if you’re not consistent and balanced. I think a better term to use is “lifestyle eating.”  So this year, I want to do more exercising and eating what I enjoy but in small portions, especially those sweets!

WRITE IT DOWN.  If I’m sitting in a meeting or class without a notebook, chances are I will forget some of what I just heard. So I’m bringing my notebook everywhere with me.  Taking notes helps you remember, but using the notebook to also track yourself in fitness, eating, ideas, etc. will remind you of how far you’ve come from the beginning and formulate your thinking.  You’ll physically see your progress too.

EMBRACE THE TOUGH DAYS. On some days, there are things I’m not too fond of. Bad hair day, students not listening, a failed creative project, favorite sweater getting ruined. No one is perfect. So keep this in mind – if we’ve done our best and we got the job done, then that’s the important thing. Work harder the next time and keep going until you’ve maximized your potential. Things can only get better from there. Or another solution?  Sleep it off and await the next day. You’ll be surprised what a difference one day can make! Sometimes, rest is the key to a better you!

BE CURIOUS.  One of my best friends recently told me to ask her more questions about the hardship she’s going through because the more I ask (as uncomfortable it can be for fear of intrusion), the more it shows how much I care.  Sharapova said the same thing in her article: “The more interested I am in other people, the more interesting I become as a person.” I’ve always been a listener, but can be quiet in response.  So this year, I’m committed to asking more questions of my friends and family and really listen to their answers. Keep in mind though – there are some people who just rather not share anything or get offended by questions, so respectfully move on.

BOND WITH FAMILY.  I remember when describing what my future husband would be like, I always had “family-oriented” as the top 3 personality traits because that’s what I was and wanted my significant other to be. Family will always be first. This year with my husband, I want to help my parents and parent-in-laws really explore the culture of today’s generation and experience new foods, new places. If they don’t like it, we’ll try something else!  Hello, ramen burgers, Shakespeare in the Park, and Guggenheim Museum!

So what are your new year resolutions and goals? : ) 

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