Musically Uplifting

Music is therapy and the soul of many lives. I grew up being surrounded by music and having a passion for it. My mom has an incredible opera voice while my brother sings a beautiful tenor. No matter where I am or who I was with, I hummed and sang my heart out. I really can’t imagine life without music.

For the past 2 hours, I worked on my cover of Titanium by David Guetta and Blackbird from the Beatles, two completely different styles of music and different eras. As I relaxed and listened to the music through Spotify and Youtube, I came across this incredibly talented group called The Piano Guys.  I closed my eyes and heard every single harmony, rhythm, and beat from their songs and it was simply beautiful. Their vision is to create music and videos that uplift, and surely their music meets that vision.

I hope that if you need a little inspiration, head on over to their site or check them out on YouTube.  Their version of Let It Go from the soundtrack Frozen is not something to be missed!

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