Post-Blizzard in Chinatown, NYC

A picture can tell a thousand words… So here’s a bunch 🙂 Since the storm photos I took before were shot in Chinatown, here’s what the area looked like after the storm.  

(Columbus Park – House Sparrows) 

(Bayard Street) 

(Bayard Street)

(Mosco Street) 

(Mott Street) 

(Bayard Street) 

Also figured it would be fun to walk across the Manhattan Bridge.  We only made it a quarter of the way, but the view was worth the hike in the deep, unplowed snow from the start!

(East Broadway)

(Graffiti next to the train tracks)

(Monroe Street)

(East Broadway)

Lastly, this was one of my favorite shots. A man was driving a sports car and got completely stuck in the unplowed snow on Mott Street.  Tons of people started standing around to watch as he gassed really hard and only resulted in flying snow. The rear of the car started shifting left and right while he helplessly kept trying.  After a few minutes, different people walked over and started pushing the back of his car, directing the driver and working with each other. After about 10 minutes of constant shifting and pushing, he was finally able to drive away.  I loved the teamwork between complete strangers!  You go, New Yorkers 🙂

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