Recently, New York City was rated as America’s unhappiest city! Of course that’s really a matter of what the results were based on, but the mere thought of it even being as top 10 unhappiest cities says a lot and makes me quite disappointed! So cheers to a new initiative to make New Yorkers a bit more content, starting with a #makehappynyc tent appearing at the next 2 Summer Streets.  Take a selfie with a stranger, give a group hug, tell someone something that makes you happy, etc.  You can even join a cause group on Facebook that brings happiness to ‘unlock everyone’s gifts for the greater good’. 🙂

And for me, this video of the Lion King’s cast surprise song (above or here) made ME quite joyful so I just had to share!  If only this happened more during my commute…


We’re almost there, everyone.  HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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