So who’s behind Lilspirations?

Me! An American born Chinese gal whose name Lilian happens to be derived from mom’s favorite flower: a lily. Loved after the pollen gets removed when blossomed (alllergiesssssss!)  A teacher of 7-8 year olds, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a musician, a foodie, a coffee enthusiast, and an artist (or so I try!). Having lived in New York City for more than half my life now, I realized that everything in life just gets me excited. There are so many beautiful people in this world with immense creativity, lifelong passions, huge hearts, and innately good intentions to make others happy in one way or another. I took this lens that paved my way into growing a desire to share it with others…. And lilspirations was born.

A lot has happened since the site launched. I’ve made tons of new friends, grown an interest in photography & all other arts, and gained an even wider perspective on the people and places of New York City.  I mean, I live in a freakin’ amazing city.  Though I’ve loved everywhere that I traveled, NYC brings it all together. You can find almost anything here. Anything. But part of my mission recently has become part of the food world: to find some of the most inspirational chefs, owners, and entrepreneurs out there, to share their stories behind their food and products.

Thanks to my incredible husband and web designer, as well as some really supportive family and friends, I launched this blog with an intention to be more active in discovering and sharing about new places and people in New York City. This blog has blossomed from everything I like and find uplifting to telling the story of the people I meet and the places I go. If you read my blog and it makes you smile and want to share it, then I’ve met my goal!