This lip sync battle happened just two weeks ago on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and I must have watched it a gazillion times already. I love it for several reasons: 

1) It’s HILARIOUS. Ellen’s slow movement and facial expression with her song brings you tears from laughing so hard at her incredible acting!

2) You can’t help but want to be part of that celebrity circle of friends. 

3) It really looks as if they are singing the actual songs! (Are you SURE it’s lip syncing??) 

I don’t watch a lot of television nowadays, but Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon (and Justin Timberlake) are quite the favorite celebrities. There are so many famous people that are talented, but what makes these three stand out is how genuine they seem to be. It’s not about fame nor money. It’s not about making a statement. It’s about making people laugh and be entertained; about giving back in some way or another. I don’t know them in real life, but I do believe they are kind-hearted, loving, and have great humor. (Oh how I’d love to go to one of their shows!)  

So when you need a laugh, a good song to listen to, or just someone to inspire you with the vibrance and the positivity of their lives … just pop on the Tonight Show or Ellen. I guarantee it’ll increase those endorphins! 🙂 Sometimes, a little time to sit back and relax is all we need. 

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