What’s next?

G + P + V = C

And that’s the formula I learned today for finding out what you should do with your life.  For the last 2 years, I’ve been asking myself that question. Don’t get me wrong. I am very content with the way my life is.  I’m just curious how far I can push myself and it seemed I had forgotten what I’m good at or passionate about (besides teaching and blogging). I decided to spend a lot of “me” time just reflecting and excelling in something, but there’s never enough time in the day! I can’t wait for summer vacation, where you know I’ll explode with posts about anything and everything!

So back to what I was saying.  There it was.  G + P + V = C … G for gifts (what you’re good at), P for passion (what you care about), V for values (your lifestyle and personality), then you get the result of a career.  It sounds so simple, right? I would say it’s a pretty good starting place to figure out where to move next. But what the heck am I good at?? I enjoy doing almost anything because I just love learning and having hands-on experiences. But specifically, sewing went out the window for 3 months (that attempt at a zipper really got to me, and I’m still digging myself out of that hole…), photography is really just something I enjoy, not a career, and moving to Hong Kong seems a bit more impossible now… Except if Trump becomes president, well… g’day, mates. I’ll be in Australia with my little friend from Featherdale Park.


If you have a little advice for what I should do in the next year, do shoot some ideas – I would love to hear! I’m down for some new adventures in the next few months. And of course…. the more, the merrier.

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo

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