Who’s the creator behind the giveaway??

So last Thursday, I had a chance to create art at Etsy’s monthly craft night and had an interview with Wendy of Wendy Fung Calligraphy, the talent behind the giveaway! I’ve known Wendy since our days at LaGuardia High School and she is one incredible artist! Now, she is blooming in a different style of art in her life, and I was happy to hear about how she became a calligrapher. Here’s my interview with her – take your time to learn about who she is and the inspiration behind her illustrations and calligraphy. Be sure to enter the raffle to win her illustrated holiday card set worth $20!


Tell me a little about yourself. 

Hmm… where do I start? Well, my name is Wendy Fung and my background is in fine art. I’m currently a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher. I’m a bookaholic, too! I love museums and visiting new places. Bright colors make me smile, and a cup of tea in the morning always gets me going. 

What inspired you to get into calligraphy?

I’ve always been told that I have nice handwriting. In 2011, I took a continuing education course in Beginning Italics at Cooper Union. My combination of loving letters and writing led me to join the Society of Scribes. Once I learned the Italic script, I continued to expand to other styles in calligraphy by attending workshops and practicing. I had the opportunity to attend my first calligraphy conference this past July – Legacies II in Dallas, Texas. I’ve met other calligraphers who share the same passion. The calligraphy community is so encouraging and open in sharing information.


What has been challenging and what have you learned?

It’s a challenge to balance different responsibilities and to find time to rest. Practice is a big part of growing as a calligrapher. I’ve been learning to carve time to really sit myself down and practice. I have to constantly find motivation to produce art. Sometimes I get critical of myself and have doubts that my artwork is not good enough or that my ability is lacking. It’s also a challenge to expand my client base. The bulk of my work is wedding related. But I’ve learned that I just have to keep going and be easy on myself.

What has been your favorite part so far since you began to be a calligrapher?

You know that feeling when you finish working on something and you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I just did that?” The feeling still surprises me each time. All that hard work came from my heart and mind, yet during the process of it, it can be frustrating. Well, that moment of accomplishment just takes over!


Is there a quote you would like to share with the readers that they can walk away with? 

A quote that’s been on mind this year is from Corrie ten Boom, who saved hundreds of lives during the Holocaust.  The quote is “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” It’s just so powerful!



Photos taken by Wendy Fung

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